[SciPy-user] GCC 3.3 requirement

Humufr humufr at yahoo.fr
Fri Mar 10 12:53:58 CST 2006

One big problem with gcc4, especially 4.0 is that gfortran is buggy. A 
lot of improvement has been done but in compariason with commercial 
compiler or g95, it's not the same things. gfortran is an alpha version 
of a true fortran 90 compilers. So many things in scipy are using 
fortran so this is a critical issue for the moment.


Robert Hetland wrote:
> Apple shipped a crippled version of GCC  3.3 with the new intel Macs.  
> (It seems like it is there -- there is a package, and you can 
> gcc_select it -- but it does not work properly.)
> Many on this list have discouraged using 4.0 for building scipy.  I 
> have also found that 3.3 works on the *PPC* Mac, where 4.0 does not.  
> However, it seems inevitable that mac users will need to compile with 
> 4.0 as more users get new Intel based machines.  I am sure that 
> eventually someone will provide an unofficial gcc 3.3 package (like 
> Guarav Khanna who maintains hpc.sf.net), but I don't think this is a 
> good long-term solution.
> What are the issues involved?  Why do we need gcc 3.3?  Is there some 
> sort of timescale for moving the code base up to GCC 4.0 (or 4.x) 
> compliance?
> -Rob.
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