[SciPy-user] GCC 3.3 requirement

Robert Hetland hetland at tamu.edu
Fri Mar 10 18:35:18 CST 2006

On Mar 10, 2006, at 2:15 PM, mfmorss at aep.com wrote:

> I don't really see any problem with not being able or willing to  
> use more
> recent versions of gcc, since for the time being, the older version  
> is more
> stable.

Well, the new Intel Macs don't have the older version. I suspect at  
some point some of the linuxes will do as well.  That's my only point.

> Gcc-3.4.5 (including g77) isn't going to go away, and if you don't
> have it, it's not a huge problem to build it.

Well, it is also not all that simple either.  You need to bootstrap a  
compiler build -- if you only have the newest, you are coming from  
the wrong direction.  I imagine that there will be binary packages  
for the Intel Mac in short order, but that still requires installing  
even *more* stuff to get scipy working right.

My main point is simply:  If you restrict your audience to people who  
can install compilers, it will be pretty small..

If I don't reply, it's because I'm on vacation for a week...


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