[SciPy-user] difference between NumPy and Scipy

Ed Schofield schofield at ftw.at
Thu Mar 16 11:00:41 CST 2006

Travis Oliphant wrote:
> linda.s wrote:
>> i saw the news of NumPy release and SciPy release.
>> Numpy is said to be the core of Scipy. But why they have different releases?
> Because NumPy is the core of other packages as well.   So, it has a 
> different release schedule.
> It would be nice if NumPy and SciPy had synchronous releases, but we 
> need more people to help with releases to make that possible.  For now, 
> SciPy releases are usually a little behind.

I could try to make a new SciPy release this weekend.

Before then, though, I suggest we change the package name of nd_image. 
Here was my proposal from a previous thread:

> I have a minor suggestion: that we rename the package from 'nd_image'  
> to 'image' for consistency with the other packages, like 'signal',  
> 'optimize' and 'sparse'.  There's currently an 'image' package in the  
> sandbox, but that looks much less mature, and should probably be  
> integrated with the existing package when it actually does come into  
> the main tree.

What do people think?  At the very least we should remove the
underscore, so it's more consistent with linalg and fftpack (which
aren't lin_alg, fft_pack ;)

-- Ed

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