[SciPy-user] maxentropy

Ed Schofield schofield at ftw.at
Sat Mar 18 16:32:57 CST 2006

On 18/03/2006, at 1:31 AM, Matthew Cooper wrote:

> Hi Ed,
> Thanks again for working on this.  I can try and work on it a bit  
> this weekend.  I've had time to look over the two example scripts  
> you provided.  There seemed to be  some difference in the two in  
> terms of the call to the conditionalmodel fit method.  In the low  
> level example, the count parameter seemed to provide the empirical  
> counts of the feature functions, where the features were simply  
> (context,label) co-occurrence.  In the high level example, the  
> features are more complicated, and the counts parameter seems to  
> have different dimensionality.  I'll try and get a working high  
> level example together next.

Hi Matt,

I've now found and fixed some bugs in the conditional maxent code.   
The computation of the conditional expectations was wrong, and the  
p_tilde parameter was interpreted inconsistently.  Both the examples  
work now!  Fantastic!

I'd be very grateful for any assistance you could give in providing  
more examples -- especially real examples from text classification.   
The two examples at the moment are too artificial and perhaps a bit  
confusing.  Or if you have any suggestions or patches for simplifying  
the interface (e.g. the constructor arguments) or any other  
improvements (e.g. bug fixes, better docs, or a tutorial) I'd also  
readily merge them.

Let me know how you go with it.  When you're happy that it's all  
working, I'll merge it with the main SVN trunk.

-- Ed

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