[SciPy-user] data acquisition in Python

Barry Drake bldrake at adaptcs.com
Wed Mar 22 08:07:46 CST 2006

A good source for inexpensive A/D boards is


I've used their hardware in the past on many projects.
 They have drivers for all platforms which you can
easily wrap in a .dll, .so, or .rc (Mac, I think). 
You can then wrap some code in Python that talks to
these shared libs.  Of course, the reason for the
shared libs is that you can then use those for other

Barry Drake

--- Ryan Krauss wrote:

> Is anyone aware of data acquisition hardware that
> works well with
> Python?  I would like to use Python for buffered
> analog-to-digital and
> digital-to-analog applications.  I would be
> particularly interested in
> fairly inexpensive solutions.  I found one European
> company that sort
> of claims to support Python, but I didn't know how
> easy it might be to
> wrap C++ drivers from other hardware manufacturers.
> Thanks for your thoughts,
> Ryan
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