[SciPy-user] Help installing SciPy.

Gary pajer at iname.com
Wed Mar 22 20:32:50 CST 2006

Armando Serrano Lombillo wrote:

>Hello everybody.
>I'm trying to install SciPy on an Intel Pentium M Windows XP laptop.
>I'm using Python 2.4.2. I'm following the instructions posted at
>Step 1 (Getting MinGW): ok.
>Step 2 (numpy): Downloaded Tortoise SVN: ok. Tried to compile:
>failure. Had to manually edit the PATH enviroment variable to add the
>MinGW/bin path (that should have been explained somewhere). 
Isn't that in the MinGW docs?

>Retry to
>complie: ok, numpy works.
>Step 3 (scipy): I'm supposed to download some ATLAS binaries from
>http://old.scipy.org/download/atlasbinaries/winnt/ I'm not sure which
>one to download, can anybody help (Intel Pentium M Windows XP)? Also,
>what should I do with those files, just put them in any folder I
>choose and set the environment variable accordingly?
I think the one you want is WinNT_P4SSE2.zip.   (Not 100% sure, but 
pretty sure.)
Then put it anywhere and set the environment variable. 

For example, I have all the ATLAS files in c:\MinGW\lib\atlas, so I
set ATLAS = c:\MinGW\lib\atlas


>Armando Serrano Lombillo.
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