[SciPy-user] Help installing SciPy.

Armando Serrano Lombillo arserlom at gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 14:42:17 CST 2006

> >Step 2 (numpy): Downloaded Tortoise SVN: ok. Tried to compile:
> >failure. Had to manually edit the PATH enviroment variable to add the
> >MinGW/bin path (that should have been explained somewhere).
> >
> Isn't that in the MinGW docs?

If I have to read the MinGW docs just to install SciPy, then something
is going wrong. Really, the installation instruction in the SciPy page
should contain everything you need to know to install SciPy. Would it
be a good idea if I updated that in the installation page?

> I think the one you want is WinNT_P4SSE2.zip.   (Not 100% sure, but
> pretty sure.)
> Then put it anywhere and set the environment variable.
> For example, I have all the ATLAS files in c:\MinGW\lib\atlas, so I
> set ATLAS = c:\MinGW\lib\atlas

Ok, did it and scipy compiled (I had to restart my computer after
setting the environment variable). If tested it and it works.

> gary


Step 4 (Do science): ok :)

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