[SciPy-user] The "Performance Python with Weave" article

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu_r at users.sf.net
Fri Mar 24 00:24:25 CST 2006

>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Bowyer <peter at mapledesign.co.uk> writes:

    Peter> Hi, Referring to
    Peter> http://old.scipy.org/documentation/weave/weaveperformance.html
    Peter> (I can't find it on the new site - weave appears to have
    Peter> vanished), I note that there is no date on it and neither
    Peter> are there any details of the versions of the libraries
    Peter> uses.  Could anyone enlighten me as to how accurate it is,
    Peter> as I was planning to reference it in my dissertation
    Peter> writeup as an example of how Python code can be speeded up
    Peter> if required.

I just added the old docs into the new site.  


It still needs to be "upgraded" to work with numpy and the code isn't
there yet.  I'll try and do it one of these weekends after testing it
out on numpy.


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