[SciPy-user] mpi4py instalation.

Albert Strasheim fullung at gmail.com
Sat Nov 4 04:43:21 CST 2006

Hello all

On Fri, 03 Nov 2006, Brian Granger wrote:

> Albert,
> The best way of building mpi4py is to not use the mpi.cfg file.
> Rather, just specify the mpicc excutable:
> python setup.py build --mpicc=mpicc
> If mpicc is on your PATH should work.

Okay, I'll give this a spin. Fedora Core 6 includes openmpi 1.1 as part 
of the "core" distribution, so I'll try that.
> At this point, i think mpi.cfg is for more unusual MPi implementations
> that don't "just work".  This should probably be better documented
> though.  Try that and let me know what you get.  This might not solve
> the problems you are seeing on windows, but it should get you going on
> FC5.  Thanks for submitting the tickets.

The only real problem that remains on Windows with DeinoMPI is that it 
doesn't want to link. 

mpi4py is trying to use Py_GetArgcArgv, but this symbol isn't part of 
the public API (as far as I can see), so it isn't exported from the 
Python library on Windows. 

As I understand it, this just happens to work on Unix-like operating 
systems because GCC and other C compiler couldn't control visibility of 
symbols until recently (and as a result, not much code bothers with 
this yet).

pympi already solves this problem. One just has to reconstruct argc and 
argv from sys.argv. See here:




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