[SciPy-user] fmin_bfgs optimizer hangs?

Marek Wojciechowski mwojc at p.lodz.pl
Mon Nov 6 03:46:30 CST 2006

>  fmin_bfgs(f, x0, fprime=None, args=(), gtol=1.0000000000000001e-05,
> norm=inf, epsilon=1.49011611938e-08, maxiter=None, full_output=
> 0, disp=1, retall=0, callback=None)
>     Additional Inputs:
>       maxiter -- the maximum number of iterations.
>       full_output -- if non-zero then return fopt, func_calls,  
> grad_calls,
>                      and warnflag in addition to xopt.
>       disp -- print convergence message if non-zero.
>       retall -- return a list of results at each iteration if non-zero
> You can specify the maximum number of iterations.

Yes, but there are circumsatances when the minimizer never reaches this  
Thats my point.
Note, that there is no parameter to set limit of function calls the  
minimizer makes.

Marek Wojciechowski

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