[SciPy-user] Saving Data as Modul!!

Gary Ruben gruben at bigpond.net.au
Mon Nov 6 16:48:28 CST 2006

Hi Volker,
If your only requirement is that your data all be stored in a single 
file, you may be able to do this by pickling it if you group it into one 
object first. If you have a lot of disparate data, perhaps building an 
hdf5 file with pytables may be the best solution.
Gary R.

Volker Lorrmann wrote:
> Hi guys,
> just a short question. How can i save data that´s generated by a script 
> as an python modul, so i can "import" my data later again.
> Something like export (opposite of import ;) ) would be great.
> I´m running the script on ipython.I know of pickle. But i just wanna 
> save all data in one modul.
> Thanks so far
> Volker Lorrmann

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