[SciPy-user] Ideas about matrices

Marco gaedol at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 07:54:27 CST 2006


i finally decided to keep the "import scipy" option and rewrite what needed. :)
Just, i have a question.

I am not really good at python programming (nor programming in
general, to say), and every time i want to modify a matrix (an array)
i have to run thru all indices.

In the example, i want a matrix with random ones or zeros:

import scipy
import random

for i in range(len(jik)):
        for k in range(len(jik)):
                if random.random()<0.5:

print jik

Is there a more fast and synthetic way to write the same code?
What if my matrix is not square?

Sorry for my incompetence,  TIA!


As always, RTFM much welcomed with pointers on what to read! :)

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