[SciPy-user] Shooting method function?

David L Goldsmith David.L.Goldsmith at noaa.gov
Wed Nov 8 21:37:58 CST 2006

Hi!  New to this list, but have been on the numpy list for a while.  I 
need a shooting method ODE BVP solver; before I write one (using 
scipy/numpy of course) is there one already, either: A) "hidden" 
somewhere in scipy (I found integrate.ode and integrate.odeint, but am I 
correct in assuming that these are IVP solvers - which I would of course 
use in my shooting implementation if need be), or B) in some other 
module/package, or C) in someone's (shareable) personal collection of 
numerical Python tools?  Thanks!

HMRD/ORR/NOS/NOAA <http://response.restoration.noaa.gov/emergencyresponse/>

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