[SciPy-user] Shooting method function?

Robert Clewley rclewley at cam.cornell.edu
Thu Nov 9 08:56:04 CST 2006


Actually, we haven't finished the BVP class we've wanted to put into 
PyDSTool. But at least the use of our state events with an IVP solver 
provide an efficient way to shoot for things like "when does some function 
of my state variables reach a certain value?" (i.e., not just for problems 
defined over a fixed interval in the independent variable). We provide 
examples of model parameter fitting which are really shooting problems, 
and the use of events allows us to cast the problem in a way that can be 
solved using scipy's fsolve and the like.


PS When we're done you'll be able to use AUTO via PyCont to do 
sophisticated (and C-level) BVP solving!

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