[SciPy-user] Have I been given up on? (Was: In need of an OS 10.4.8-compatible Universal binary)

Steve Lianoglou lists.steve at arachnedesign.net
Wed Nov 15 20:15:05 CST 2006

> I've put the entire stdout and stderr output of the build(s) (in the
> order in which they were generated, i.e., there's a modicum of stderr
> output amongst the stdout output) at (anonymous)
> ftp://ftp.orr.noaa.gov/public/HMRD/DG/buildlogs/.  buildlog_Kern is  
> the
> output from issuing the long command you indicated in a previous post,
> Robert, and buildlog_Steve is the output from issuing simply "python
> setup.py build."  And yes, I did delete the entire build folder before
> each attempt.

No luck here w/ that.

I keep getting an error on d/l:

Server said:
This file has been uploaded by an anonymous user. It has not

Error -160: could not start data transfer

I reckon you can just email me ... dunno how much help I'll be, but I  
can try.

Can you just let us know again what type of system you're running?


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