[SciPy-user] Yeah, hat did the trick! (Was: Have I been given up on?)

David Goldsmith David.L.Goldsmith at noaa.gov
Thu Nov 16 00:38:31 CST 2006

David L. Goldsmith wrote:
> Robert Kern wrote:
>> If you followed the instructions on the page, it would have installed correctly.
>> It's just a dumb tarball; it can't find anything other than the relative paths
>> to install to (and tarballs with absolute paths are very, very bad). The
>> instructions show you how to give the appropriate root.
>>   sudo tar -xvf gfortran-bin.tar -C /
>> http://hpc.sourceforge.net/
> Stuffit didn't even give me a chance to say where it should go, nor did 
> it leave the tarball "balled up" so that I might (would have to) do what 
> you indicate above, it automatically unballed it after downloading and 
> unzipping it - I suppose that means I need to change my Stuffit 
> preferences. :-)
OK, I moved the gzipped to /usr/local, unzipped and then untarred it 
using the command you gave previously, and low and behold scipy built 
w/out errors!  Then I python setup.py install-ed, and that completed 
sans errors!  Finally, I imported scipy.integrate, and believe it or 
not, it worked!  Yeah!  Thanks so much for walking me through it, and 
thanks for your patience!


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