[SciPy-user] About alternatives to Matlab

Gael Varoquaux gael.varoquaux at normalesup.org
Mon Nov 20 01:21:13 CST 2006

I use the ETS on a day to day basis, under Ubuntu. I just love Traits !

Regarding chaco2/matplotlib they both have pros and cons. Chaco2 is way
better at building interactive GUI. It is also way faster. However it is
not as nice to use from an interactive ipython prompt. I also have the
fealing it is not as developed as mpl.

I must say I am quite sad to see two great plotting suites under python
that both have different strength and weakness. I would like one to steal
as much as possible from the other. Chaco relies heavily on other
enthought components, and the Enthought Tools Suite was not terribly
modular up to now. Hopefully this is changing with the making of eggs out
of the ETS.


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