[SciPy-user] About alternatives to Matlab

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 02:54:12 CST 2006

David Cournapeau wrote:
> Robert Kern wrote:
>> Good heavens, no. We make binaries for Windows, but it works on Linux just fine.
>> In fact we even make some binaries for Linux, too.
> I got the same impression, actually, concerning enthought packages. It 
> may be useful to have a wiki page on this ?
> Right now, in topical software, it says " Python Enthought Edition: for 
> Windows users, this is a very useful download, in a single package, of a 
> number of different tools for scientific computing (including many 
> listed in this page). This saves Windows users the hassles of manually 
> building all of these packages, some of which can be fairly difficult to 
> get to work. A similar project is underway for Mac OSX users." which 
> implies to me that it is just a binary thing for windows...

I'm really not sure what we can do here. There are already several pages
discussing what our offerings are.


One of them is "Python, Enthought Edition" which is just a binary distribution
of a large number of open source packages, most of which are not ours. Another
completely separate offering is the "Enthought Tool Suite" which are the open
source packages that we wrote. I'm not entirely certain why people think that
just because we make Windows binaries means that we don't do anything else.

Robert Kern

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