[SciPy-user] About alternatives to Matlab

Chris Bartley chris at edc.com.au
Mon Nov 20 23:52:16 CST 2006

> That zoom_plot.py file should be in enthought/chaco2/examples/zoomed_plot/

> along with grid_plot_factory.py . Get the whole SVN checkout, not just the
one file.

> zoomed_plot]$ pwd
> /Users/rkern/svn/enthought-lib/enthought/chaco2/examples/zoomed_plot
> [zoomed_plot]$ ls
> __init__.py          grid_plot_factory.py wav_to_numeric.py
>     zoom_plot.py
> --
> Robert Kern 

OK, that makes sense, and it works too. Thanks. Now the demo runs... But it
simply opens an empty window (white background). The window is fully
functional in terms of Windows - the standard menu in top left works, and it
maximises & minimises. But no data, graphs, and no python errors... I am
using windows xp - any ideas? I've checked, and the requested wav file
(C:\Program Files\Windows NT\Pinball\SOUND1.WAV) exists.

- Chris Bartley

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