[SciPy-user] Windows build help

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Tue Nov 21 17:37:45 CST 2006

Gary wrote:
> Gary wrote:
>> I'm trying to build the latest svn version on WinXP so that I can have a 
>> compatible up to date set {numpy, scipy, mpl}
>> I'm using the instructions on scipy.org.  I've got MinGW gcc 3.4.5 and 
>> g77 3.4.5 (do I need anything else from MinGW?) , and the atlas prebuilt 
>> libraries.  I've modified site.cfg, and also set ATLAS = \correct\path
>> Twice near the top of the build it tells me that Atlas (http://math....) 
>> libraries can't be found, but a few lines later it tells me under 
>> "lapack_info:" that it has FOUND:  libraries = ['lapack', 'cblas'].
>> But a raft of errors start during the compilation of odepack (I think) 
>> with lots of messages like
>> undefined reference to 'daxpy_'
>> and many others.
> Still hacking at this.
> Here's where the errors start:
> (the precompiled atlas is in C:\MinGW\lib\atlas)

It's not picking up all of the libraries, then. Exactly what files do you have
in C:\MinGW\lib\atlas ?

Robert Kern

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