[SciPy-user] Finding clustered vectors

Robert kxroberto at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 23 07:26:42 CST 2006

Aaron Hoover wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've got a question maybe some of you can help me with. I have two  
> images, one of which is a planar translation of the other, so I know  
> it contains some of the same "features" (using this loosely) as the  
> first image. I have some different approaches matching features and  
> using those results to calculate candidate 2D shift vectors for each  
> 2 image sequence. Most of the time, those vectors aren't all the same  
> due to noise, imperfect matching, features leaving the frame, etc.  
> However there are usually at least a few whose dx and dy values are  
> very close, while the others are somewhat noisy and relatively  
> randomly distributed.
> My question is, what's the best way to get those values in that  
> cluster? I've tried some very simple statistical methods, but because  
> of outliers and things, simply comparing to the mean and/or variance  
> hasn't worked too well. Basically, if I *know* there's going to be a  
> cluster of at least 2 vectors with nearly the same values how can I  
> easily extract those values (or the mean of those values)?

There are complex cluster algs. But your problem seems to be very small compared to the amount of beforehand computation.
Thus maybe just do this simple O(2) alg:

* walk each point
  * collect(sum of e.g. (1/(distance+CONST)) vs. each other point,p)
* sort points regarding the sum
* take the mean of the last 3 or last 20% point or so...


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