[SciPy-user] question to spline interpolation

Christian Meesters meesters at uni-mainz.de
Fri Nov 24 08:16:28 CST 2006

On Thursday 23 November 2006 20:23, A. M. Archibald wrote:

> > Perhaps a dump question, but I can't find a solution:
> > I have a smooth, continous 1D curve, represented in an numpy array, wich
> > I want to interpolate. The data in y start from zero and should an on
> > zero.
> Just add a zero value at the end, so that you have points (x_min,0)
> and (x_max,0) in your array. If you want the *derivative* to be zero
> too it'll take more cleverness.
> A. M. Archibald

Stupid me! The problem were my calculations before the interpolation - not 
with the interpolation itself. Anyway, now that I finally found the bug, I 
have hope that it won't be too hard to smash it.

And thanks, Robert, for the hint to linspace.


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