[SciPy-user] physical constants module

Richard Johns soylent67 at tbaytel.net
Fri Nov 24 08:59:56 CST 2006

Herman Berendsen <H.J.C.Berendsen <at> rug.nl> writes:

> If you use physical constants (like Planck's constant h, gas constant R, etc.)
> with python, you may be interested to copy my module physcon.py from
> http://www.hjcb.nl/python/ It contains a library of physical constants (CODATA
> values in SI units, with accuracy) and it defines variables. For example, after
> 'import physcon as pc', pc.h will contain Planck's constant as a float. To see
> the contents, type help().

Thanks for this. I have found it to be quite useful.

There is a small error in the value for the permittivity of free space:


should be



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