[SciPy-user] Installing scipy on x86_64 opensuse 10.1 system

David Strozzi david.strozzi at gmail.com
Fri Nov 24 17:16:24 CST 2006


I see there's been some recurring pain with 64-bit systems, so please bear with
me if this is redundant.

I have an x86-64 system (AMD athlon) with opensuse 10.1.  I've compiled python
2.5 and numpy 1.0 (final release) manually, and they work fine.  scipy 0.5.1
hasn't been so easy.

In particular, it seems the install script can't find a slew of libraries, which
I have installed the opensuse packages for (blas, fftw, and so on).  The lock
appears to be that the libs are installed in lib64 dirs, like /usr/lib64, but
scipy's only looking in non-64 dirs like /usr/lib.  What is the key?


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