[SciPy-user] Trouble with linsolve

Nils Wagner nwagner at iam.uni-stuttgart.de
Tue Nov 28 10:31:35 CST 2006

Bill Baxter wrote:
> Just a guess, but I think the problem is just that usually when people
> solve sparse equations the matrix is sparse, but the RHS vector is
> dense.   I don't know if UMFPACK or SuperLU can actually handle a
> sparse RHS vector, but if they can, then it sounds like a SciPy bug.
> I guess it should work if you convert your 'f' to a dense array before
> making the calls to the solver.
> Regards,
> --bb
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Hi Bill,

Thank you very much for your hint.

f = f.todense() resolved this problem. However
** On entry to  dgssv, parameter number  7 had an illegal value

AFAIK dgssv is a part of SuperLU, but what is the meaning of parameter
number 7 ?


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