[SciPy-user] matplotlib on osx

Steve Lianoglou lists.steve at arachnedesign.net
Mon Oct 2 08:40:54 CDT 2006

Hi John,

> Has anyone gotten matplotlib running on OSX recently? I tried
> upgrading to 10.4.8, and building Python 2.5, numpy, scipy, libpng,
> and freetype from source. Everything went fine, even matplotlib
> installed without an error. But when I import matplotlib I get

Mine seems to be working well.

I've installed python and the various dependencies of matplotplib via  

The dependencies for py-matplotlib are:
python24, freetype, libpng, antigraingeometry, py-numarray, py- 
numeric, py-dateutil, py-tz

I then reinstalled matplotlib myself via recent svn checkouts since I  
wanted it to be working with the latest svn numpy as well. So I have  
some extra stuff lying around since the ports installations depend on  
them, but it all seems to work fine for me.

If you want to use python 2.5, however, MacPorts won't do you any good.


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