[SciPy-user] Building Numpy with Visual Studio?

Coatimundi coatimundi at cox.net
Tue Oct 3 00:59:59 CDT 2006

As I read the build guidelines for Numpy at 
www.scipy.org/Installing_SciPy/Windows I see that the instructions 
suggest that Numpy can be built with the MSVC tools against an ATLAS lib 
built with Cygwin tools.

At this point I am perplexed.  I thought that Cygwin used ELF and that 
Windows used COFF (actually PE) for static libs.

So it is not obvious to me why setup.py should be able to build with the 
  MSVC tools if the atlas and lapack libs are built with Cygwin tools.

Maybe the Microsoft linker understands both ELF and COFF?
Or maybe Cygwin actually uses PE?

Can someone help me understand this?


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