[SciPy-user] Solving Two boundary value problems with Python/Scipy

Volker Lorrmann lorrmann at physik.uni-wuerzburg.de
Sat Oct 7 06:12:18 CDT 2006

Hi John,

i´ve already found less information about the shooting method. Do you 
have some more informations for me? Than i think i´ll give it a try.
I´ll try now to describe the bvp. The ode describes  "electrone/hole 
density" in the conducting and  valence band of a polymer thin film. The 
boundary values are, that the density on the front and back have to be 

> I don't think that there's a function specifically for boundary value 
> ode problems in SciPy, but it is pretty simple to combine an ode 
> solver with a zero finder to use the "shooting method."  I'm not 
> familiar with how rlab or Matlab does it, but the Scilab "bvode" uses 
> a finite difference method.  If the problem isn't too complex, the 
> shooting method is easy to set up, and works as well as the finite 
> difference method.  (In my vast experience ... well, ok, two 
> applications ... the shooting method was more forgiving and less 
> brittle than the finite difference method.)
> What sort of bvp do you have?
> john
> Volker Lorrmann wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> i´m going to write a simulation, in which it would be neccessary to 
>> solve an boundary value ode.
>> My question is, would it be possible to solve such ode´s with any 
>> solver in scipy? Otherwise i have to choose another language for this 
>> simulation (scilab,rlab).
>> Many thanks
>> Volker

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