[SciPy-user] Installation problems on Mac OS X

Steve Lianoglou lists.steve at arachnedesign.net
Sat Oct 7 17:53:24 CDT 2006


> It's a brand new MacBook, so I'd only have a compiler if it came with
> one preinstalled.  Given the error, I'm guessing that it didn't.  So
> what kind of compiler should I be looking to get and where from?

In the install discs, you should be able to find a way to install  
XCode/Developer Tools.

If you can't find the installer, you can d/l it from here.

Install those and you'll get gcc, etc. You may be able to install gcc  
w/o XCode, but I'm not sure.

Or .. you can install MacPorts (http://macports.org) and then install  
gcc from there.


ps - I had mistakenly sent this email earlier from the wrong email  
address, so it didn't get through, sorry to list mods :-)

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