[SciPy-user] ubuntu Edgy Eft and Scipy

Andrew Straw strawman at astraw.com
Tue Oct 17 01:06:34 CDT 2006

David Cournapeau wrote:
> Andrew Straw wrote:
>> I think William Grant has ported very recent versions of
>> numpy/scipy/matplotlib to Edgy. Thanks William - this is great!
> Those are the official numpy packages, right ? scipy + numpy + 
> matplotlib are officially included  in edgy, which should really help 
> numpy spreading, I think.
As of today, these are the packages you get if you install Edgy, add the
"universe" repository to your /etc/apt/sources.list, and type "apt-get
install python-numpy python-scipy python-matplotlib" (or use the nice
Synaptic Package Manager GUI):

numpy 1.0rc1
matplotlib 0.87.5
scipy 0.5.1

I guess this is what you mean by "the official numpy packages".

We have at least William Alexander Grant, Jordan Mantha, Marco Presi,
José Fonseca, Alexandre Fayolle, Vittorio Palmisano, and Matthias Klose
to thank for creating and maintaining the Debian and Ubuntu ports of
these packages.

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