[SciPy-user] Shape Problem

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Wed Oct 18 17:39:54 CDT 2006

Sam frizou wrote:

>In fact I installed numpy from "SciPy Superpack for Python 2.4 (Intel)"
It's too bad that this version of NumPy got placed in the Super-pack.  I 
don't remember exactly how long the version number had a 1.1 on it  but 
I think it was only a few days.   When 1.0b1 was released I bumped up 
the version number of the tree and was brought to my senses a bit later 
and the whole dev# scheme for the SVN tree was put in-place. 

You have to look at the revision number to see where 1.1 fits in.  It 
sounds like something pre 1.0b2 which would mean that it won't work with 
SciPy 0.5.1.


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