[SciPy-user] A Call for SciPy Talks at PyCon 2007

Jeff Rush jeff at taupro.com
Sun Oct 22 13:20:19 CDT 2006

We're rapidly approaching the deadline (Oct 31) for submitting a talk proposal
for PyCon 2007, being held Feb 23-25 in Addison (Dallas), Texas.  As co-chair
of this year's conference I'd like to encourage the SciPy/NumPy community to
submit a few talks.  While we're in the early stages of keynote selection, it
appears to be shaping up as a "Python Empowers Education" conference theme,
with participants from the One Laptop Per Child project.  And with one focus
of SciPy being education, from the SciPy Developer Zone,

"Today Python is used as a tool for research and higher education, but we
would also like to see secondary-school students and their teachers choosing
Python as an educational tool over commercial offerings."

I think SciPy can be a significant player at PyCon.  We also run half-day paid
tutorials taught by community members on Feb 22 and the course submission
deadline for those is Nov 15.  It'd be really cool to have a half-day
hands-out introduction to SciPy, and the teachers get paid up to $1500 per
half-day, depending upon the number of students.

For talk ideas check out our wiki page at:


And to submit a talk proposal:


or a tutorial:


Also please spread the word about the conference and encourage those in the
scientific, engineering and education communities to attend.

Jeff Rush
PyCon 2007 Co-Chair

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