[SciPy-user] numpy - scipy version hell

Ivan Nazarenko ivan.nazarenko at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 16:12:59 CDT 2006

Travis Oliphant <oliphant <at> ee.byu.edu> writes:

> Very few packages will have the correct versions of numpy and scipy that 
> work together.
> The latest that work together is Scipy 0.5.1 and NumPy 1.0rc2
> Look for an updated SciPy release to work with NumPy 1.0 when it comes 
> out next week.
> -Travis

I had a similar problem, and OK, I will wait until next Scipy release. But it 
is a bit odd that we can't download the 1.0rc2 version easily; sourceforge is 
only hosting 1.0 (final), at least for linux.

I downloaded the most recent versions of numpy and scipy and can't make them 
work. And can't even download a compatible numpy version!!! Go figure...


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