[SciPy-user] Parallel OO programming in Python.

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Sun Oct 29 02:36:42 CST 2006


I am interested in parallel computing in Python. Except other modules I would like to use new modules for vector and matrix operations and scientific computing SciPy and NumPy. I have already installed LAPACK and BLAS libraries. It works well.

For object oriented parallel programming in Python on a single machine I can use techniques such as Bulk Synchronous Parallelism (BSP) or Message Passing Interface (MPI). There are mentioned some modules and packages for Python on
Article: Parallel and distributed programming. 
After reading prerequisites and limitations I thing that the following ones could be good for me:
MPI for Python

But I can't distinguish which one brings fewer limitations, is efficient in application and will develop in future.
My favorite is BSP, but I can't find a package for present SciPy and NumPy.

Could anybody give me a recommendation, which way I should go.

Fie Pye

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