[SciPy-user] Fitting a distribution to some data

Jose Luis Gomez Dans josegomez at gmx.net
Wed Sep 6 11:44:04 CDT 2006

I am trying to fit a distribution to some data points (actually, I want to test which distribution is best to model the data). Moreover, I want to estimate the distributions parameters. I am sure that the stats module has many functions to help me with this, but I am not sure I understand how to use them. 

As a test, I create some RVs using say y=stats.distributions.norm.rvs ( size=100).
 I can then find the mean and standard deviation using 
which works fine. However, some methods do not work. For example, the pdf(self,x..) method returns an array of 0s, and similarly for the cdf() method. However, the _pdf() and _cdf() methods give the desired result. Is this a bug? Am I suppossed to use the underscore methods or the public methods? 

Also, is there some example of how to use kstest? it might be related, but if I try to test the previous data, I get the following error:
exceptions.TypeError                                 Traceback (most recent call last)

/home/ggjlgd/<ipython console>

/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/scipy/stats/stats.py in kstest(rvs, cdf, args, N)
   1721 #    D = max(D1,D2)
   1722     D = D1
-> 1723     return D, distributions.ksone.sf(D,N)
   1725 def chisquare(f_obs, f_exp=None):

/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/scipy/stats/distributions.py in sf(self, x, *args, **kwds)
    521         output = zeros(shape(cond),'d')
    522         insert(output,(1-cond0)*(cond1==cond1),self.badvalue)
--> 523         insert(output,cond2,1.0)
    524         goodargs = argsreduce(cond, *((x,)+args))
    525         insert(output,cond,self._sf(*goodargs))

/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/numpy/lib/function_base.py in insert(arr, obj, values, axis)
   1191     obj = asarray(obj, dtype=intp)
-> 1192     numnew = len(obj)
   1193     index1 = obj + arange(numnew)
   1194     index2 = setdiff1d(arange(numnew+N),index1)

TypeError: len() of unsized object

Am I doing something wrong here? Is it a bug? My versions are
Numpy: 1.0b5
and I run on Kubuntu Dapper on Linux. I use Andrew Straw's packages.


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