[SciPy-user] ISP changeover Tuesday 9/12 7:00 PM Central

Jeff Strunk jstrunk at enthought.com
Thu Sep 7 18:16:52 CDT 2006

Good afternoon,

Unfortunately, our recent change in internet service providers is not working 
out. We will be switching to a more reliable provider on Tuesday 9/12 at 7:00 
PM Central. Please allow for up to two hours of downtime. I will send an 
email announcing the start and completion of this maintenance.

This will effect all Enthought servers as well as the SciPy server which hosts 
many Open Source projects.

The problem was that our in-building internet service provider neglected to 
mention that our internet connection was over a wireless link to a different 
building. This link had very high latency. They have fixed this problem, but 
we feel that wireless is not stable enough for our needs. In order to provide 
higher quality service, we will be using 3 bonded T1s from AT&T after this 

Please pass this message along to people that I have missed. If you have any 
questions, please direct them to me.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
Jeff Strunk
Enthought, Inc.

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