[SciPy-user] python/scipy as matlab, using ipython

Lars Friedrich lfriedri at imtek.de
Fri Sep 15 02:33:59 CDT 2006

Hello scipy users,

for a short time now, I am using python, numpy and scipy as a
replacement for matlab. My setup at the moment is the "scite"-editor and
the "ipython"-shell. I am happy using the "run -i" command to access the
current workspace with my scripts written with scite.

There is one feature that I know from matlab that I miss a little. Maybe
its not crucial but it would be nice to have:

When I made a change to my script in scite, I have to
*save it
*change scope to ipython
*recall the "run -i myScript.py" command
*press <enter>

In matlab it is possible to hit <F5> to get the same effect. How can I
achieve this with scite/ipython? I think, I need a way to tell ipython
"from extern" to execute the "run"-command. I would put this to my
scite-config-file to connect it with, say, the <F5> button and would be
fine. Is this possible?

Thanks for every comment


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