[SciPy-user] Ubuntu installation requirements, and wetting my feet.

Andrew Straw strawman at astraw.com
Sat Sep 16 17:00:43 CDT 2006

Stephen Kelly wrote:
> The installation instructions on the wiki are a bit confusing. I'm
> inclined to get the optimised packages, so:
> > To build SciPy <http://scipy.org/SciPy> using optimized lapack and
> blas on the ubuntu system you should install atlas-3dnow-dev or
> atlas-sse2-dev or atlas-sse3-dev depending on your system.
> But those packages are not available in the repos available to me.
> There are others with similar names, but I'm not certain which to
> choose. What characteristics of my system will affect this?
> > atlas2            atlas2-sse-dev    atlas3-headers    atlas-dev
> > atlas2-3dnow-dev  atlas3-3dnow      atlas3-sse        atlas-doc
> > atlas2-base-dev   atlas3-3dnow-dev  atlas3-sse2       atlas-test
> > atlas2-dev        atlas3-base       atlas3-sse2-dev
> > atlas2-headers    atlas3-base-dev   atlas3-sse-dev
> > atlas2-sse2-dev   atlas3-doc        atlas3-test
> On an unrelated matter, I'm already using the numpy deb package
> provided at astraw.com <http://astraw.com>, 
The scipy packages at my site ( http://debs.astraw.com ) for Ubuntu
Dapper now use atlas and are, to my knowledge, configured appropriately.

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