[SciPy-user] Installation problems Mac OS X 10.4.7

Steve Lianoglou lists.steve at arachnedesign.net
Sun Sep 17 08:10:22 CDT 2006

Hi folks,

> I've been having precisely the same problem.  As far as I can tell
> there is no way to get the stuff in the superpack working together
> properly.  Numpy and Scipy install fine from it, but the matplotlib
> mpkg in it is broken.  I had no real progress using the 'official'
> matplotlib packages from their site, as they expect a different
> version of numpy, despite the fact that its supposed to be fine with
> all 1.0+ versions of numpy.

Did you guys try to install matplotlib via an svn checkout?

That might do the trick.

svn co https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/matplotlib/trunk matplotlib


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