[SciPy-user] Installation problems Mac OS X 10.4.7

Russell E. Owen rowen at cesmail.net
Fri Sep 22 14:10:47 CDT 2006

In article 
<8edec5ec0609170201p3ecb5021y4eda8506f71b9607 at mail.gmail.com>,
 "David Andrews" <irbdavid at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Helmut,
> I've been having precisely the same problem.  As far as I can tell
> there is no way to get the stuff in the superpack working together
> properly.  Numpy and Scipy install fine from it, but the matplotlib
> mpkg in it is broken.  I had no real progress using the 'official'
> matplotlib packages from their site, as they expect a different
> version of numpy, despite the fact that its supposed to be fine with
> all 1.0+ versions of numpy.
> I'm not sure how to resolve this problem, It has been suggested that
> its best to install packages from
> http://pythonmac.org/packages/py24-fat/index.html though scipy is
> currently not available there.

The matplotlib 0.87.5 there certainly works with numpy 1.0b5. I've not 
tried it with 1.0rc1, but if matplotlib 0.87.5 itself is compatible with 
1.0rc1 then I'd expect it to work.

-- Russell

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