[SciPy-user] new SVN build issue?

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Mon Sep 25 15:25:28 CDT 2006

Scott Ransom wrote:

>Hi All,
>So I just svn updated to revision 2233 and successfully installed on a 
>64-bit Debian installation using:
>rm -rf build ; python setup.py install --prefix=/usr/local
>However, on a 32-bit Debian machine, I'm getting the following error after 
>rm -rf build ; python setup.py install --prefix=/users/sransom

What version of SVN are you running on both systems.  What version of 

There was a change to SVN that required some fiddling with how NumPy 
generates the svn revision number.  It looks like that is where your 
problem is.


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