[SciPy-user] Does scipy have a function to...?

Bill Dandreta wjdandreta at att.net
Thu Sep 28 08:07:34 CDT 2006

Robert Kern wrote:
> > You would 
> > need to choose the length scale at which variations in the data are ignored. 
> > E.g. you need to find some means of determining why the curve should skip over A 
> > but try to get close to B.
> >   
That is exactly the problem. I can look at the data curve and know where
the boundary curve should go but trying to figure out an algorithm that
works in general is non trivial. If I have to do it by hand, that will
severely limit the number of datasets I can analyze.

> > You might be able to formulate this as a constrained minimization problem using 
> > scipy.optimize.fmin_cobyla(). Take some curve f(x), minimize (f(x) - y) under 
> > the constraint (f(x) - y >= 0).
Once I have something to optimize, I was thinking that genetic
algorithms might yield the fastest solution because I only need an
approximate solution.

Attached is an example. The green curve is boundary and the blue is data.


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