[SciPy-user] Does scipy have a function to...?

Christian Kristukat ckkart at hoc.net
Thu Sep 28 09:00:25 CDT 2006

Bill Dandreta wrote:

> Once I have something to optimize, I was thinking that genetic
> algorithms might yield the fastest solution because I only need an
> approximate solution.
> Attached is an example. The green curve is boundary and the blue is data.

For data like yours the attached script works quite well. As Robert suggested it
uses fmin_cobyla to fit a 4pt spline to the data subject to one constraint per
data point. Therefor it will be quite slow if applied to thousands of points.
Initially I tried to use it to determine the background of spectroscopic data
but this seems to be more difficult as the data is usually not as *smooth* as yours.

Regards, Christian
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