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Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Thu Sep 28 17:09:05 CDT 2006

Peter Jensen wrote:

>I was looking at you list of disadvantages of 
>PyLab, and the following point count my attention.
>"This is due to not having two in-fix operators to 
>represent array multiplication and element-by-element 
>I assume that you have had discussion with 
>Guido van Rossum about introducing a new 
>operator for  element-by-element multiplication 
>( i.e .* ), and that that somehow would cause 
>problems with the parser. Is that correct ?. 
>I can't myself identify the problem.
No, nobody's really tried to push it with Guido, as previous arguments 
for it have not met with warm reception.  Perhaps if several of us make 
an argument for a few "special" operators it would help. 


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