[SciPy-user] Suggestions for Integro-Differential Equations

Lorenzo Isella lorenzo.isella@gmail....
Sun Apr 8 20:47:42 CDT 2007

Dear All,
I would like to solve numerically the following equation (I use 
latex-style notation) [for those who are interested, this is 
Smoluchowski equation describing the coagulation of aerosol particles]:

K(v-q,q)n(v-q,t)n(q,t)dq-n(v,t)\int_{v_0}^\infty K(q,v)n(q,t)dq,
where K(q,v) is the appropriate collision kernel and n is a particle 
I am not familiar with integro-differential equations (which could be 
the real problem) and I'll add that the equation above can be expressed 
also in a discrete form, which is supposed to be even worse to be dealt 
with numerically and that I am thus leaving out.
Any suggestions about how to deal with the equation above in Python? I 
wonder if there is some tool for this sort of problems.


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