[SciPy-user] What's "a sequence"

Stef Mientki s.mientki@ru...
Wed Apr 11 14:06:54 CDT 2007


I'm trying to design a filter by the Remez exchange algorithm,
but don't know how define "a sequence", like the bands parameter.

 From the help:
remez(numtaps, bands, desired, weight=None, Hz=1, type='bandpass', 
maxiter=25, grid_density=16)
    Calculate the minimax optimal filter using Remez exchange algorithm.
      numtaps -- The desired number of taps in the filter.
      bands -- A montonic sequence containing the band edges.  All elements
               must be non-negative and less than 1/2 the sampling frequency
               as given by Hz.

I tried several options
i=signal.remez(16, ([0.02,0.06]), ...
i=signal.remez(16, [0.02,0.06], ...
i=signal.remez(16, (0.02,0.06), ...

but they all give an error on the bands-parameter.

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