[SciPy-user] Bad publicity, was:Re: problems with signal-functions impulse and step ...

Stef Mientki s.mientki@ru...
Mon Apr 16 14:39:12 CDT 2007

>>>> import scipy
>>>> print scipy.__version__
> 0.5.3.dev2819
thanks Robert,
so the Enthought edition I use, has  Scipy

>> the second thing the want to see is the impuls response.
>> If indeed these functions are so buggy,
> They're not anymore.
That's very good to hear !
I now see there's a version 0.5.2 for win32, for Python 2.4 and 2.5.
Has 0.5.2 already signal functions ?

Now I've installed the Enthought edition,
and that one is still based on Scipy

Can I just install Scipy 0.5.2 (for Python 2.4 I guess),
over the existing Enthought edition ?
Will there be a new Enthought edition (soon) ?

Stef Mientki

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