[SciPy-user] question about installation of odr

Robert Kern robert.kern@gmail....
Mon Apr 16 16:16:37 CDT 2007

william ratcliff wrote:
> I just checked odr out from svn and attempted to install it.  It wasn't
> happy about the absence of BLAS libraries.  However, it did build.  I
> ran the tests and they all failed.  It seems that the return values are
> the same as the initial values.  Can anyone offer any suggestions? 

Try editing your site.cfg to configure the BLAS libraries. That might be the
cause of the problem. When we can't find BLAS libraries, we do include the
routines from the reference BLAS, but that might be buggy.

> I
> should note that after the build, I moved odr from the sandbox to its
> own directory under scipy.

Don't do that. odr is no longer in the sandbox; it is part of scipy proper now,
so I don't know what sandbox you moved it from. Just build and install scipy as
a whole.

Robert Kern

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