[SciPy-user] question about installation of odr

Robert Kern robert.kern@gmail....
Mon Apr 16 21:41:03 CDT 2007

william ratcliff wrote:
> Then, a general question:
> Do I need to rebuild all of scipy each time a package is added?  For
> example, if I want to add a package from the sandbox from svn, then do I
> need to rebuild all of scipy to use it? 

At the moment, yes. If you don't delete build/, then it shouldn't take much time.

> Also, could you modify the
> version of ODR in svn to change statements of the form, "if if...GOTO", to
> IF ((  )  .AND. ( )) GOTO....The previous caused some problems with the
> g77 in mingw.

Provide a patch that works, and I'll apply it.

Robert Kern

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