[SciPy-user] Installing the SVM sandbox

Jose Gomez josegomez@gmx....
Fri Apr 20 03:38:54 CDT 2007

I am interested in testing out the SVM bit in the sandbox. However, I don't seem
to be able to understand how to do it. I have installed the scipy package in
Kubuntu (6.10). I have downloaded the source tarball, and went into the relevant
directory, compiled the libsvm C++ code, copied the .so and .os files to the
main sandbox/svm directory, issued a python setup.py build and python setup.py
install, and tried the tests in the tests directory. They work. However, if I
try to import svm from my IPython shell, I get this:

|from svm.dataset import LibSvmRegressionDataSet, LibSvmTestDataSet
exceptions.ImportError                               Traceback (most recent call

/home/cuenta/<ipython console>

ImportError: No module named svm.dataset

I must have forgotten something :)

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